Welcome to the world of J'Knoso Culture!

You are invited you to Explore, Experiment, and Enjoy!


Soon...very soon...I will be introducing to the world a line of casual Statement Apparel designed to invoke thought and positivity.

I provide the Words...You define the Meaning.


I respect jewelry's place as an accessory to clothing.  However, there are times when the clothing is simply an acessory to the jewelry.  Yep, that's right.  What I want to do is offer you pieces that can do both!

I will be your Buyer of a wonderful array of Jewelry.  I will spotlight Small Business Owners and Unique Hand-crafted jewelry makers to showcase their work here, collectively. Occasionally, I will also scout other select vendors for quality Fashion jewelry.  I LOVE wood jewelry...so there will be plenty of that around too!  Some things Sexy.  Some things Casual.  Some things Cute.  Everything beautiful.

Explore. Experiment. Enjoy.